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It's all about the 'blended

A little bit about us, our founder, and why The StepMom Box!

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“You the real MVP StepMom/Bonus Mom. Don't let anyone steal your joy!”

My name is Candace Harris. I am a wife and a mother to 5 daughters and two bonus children, a daughter and son for over 12 years. I created The StepMom box because I know as a StepMom/Bonus Mom we all need to be shown some appreciation for the things we do. All Moms need to be shown appreciation. In an effort to creating products that are trendy and used as a tool to make life manageable. The SMB is here for you! Here to show you Love! Happy Blending, Families!

Our story, Our Family

The Harris family consist of 9 members. Her 2 daughters ages 16 and 13. His two, a daughter, 16 and son 14. And their 3 together. 10, 4 and 2 years old. The Harris find that their blended family works best when they make their own circle around each other and cling together internally. No gaps, no holes. Team work!

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Our mission

Our mission comes from a place of love and support.. We realize it takes a village to raise children and sometimes everyone in the village doesn't receive the credit or acknowledgement for taking on the responsibility and dedicating their lives to helping raising children that they did not hold under their own heart. SO, the StepMom box was created to send those Moms a little love and appreciation for sticking with it and to give them the resources they need to keep their families together. At the Stepmom Box Inc, we stand by the saying, Happy Wife, Happy Life!